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The Agenda, Speakers and Venue

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We are looking for volunteers!


Deadline: January 14th.​


Application form and role description



The Forum aims to contribute to the professional development of the student organisers. We believe that the extra-curricular commitments and achievements of these students should be recognized. For this reason, from 2018 onwards, we award our volunteers with signed certificates upon completion of their roles and, unless objected to, keep an archive for future reference.



"The experience afforded me the chance to conceptualize the structure and content of the forum from scratch - an stimulating challenge albeit also a rigorous one. I managed the resources available in terms of manpower and finances and developed acute salesmanship by pitching the project to school administrators and international experts alike in order to obtain funding and secure attendance respectively.


It is a crash course on marketing, finance, operations, people management and more rolled into one. It's stretching your abilities beyond what you thought possible. It's overcoming obstacles at every turn. It's learning more about the business world in a month by liaising with high profile speakers than you do in a year at school. It's the satisfaction of delivering the top Latin America-focused event in Scotland."


Diego Centurion - President of the 2012 Latin American Forum 

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