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Max Aantjes - President EdinburgLatin American Forum

Our organising committee is entirely made up of students from the University of Edinburgh. Their profiles and positions are listed below.



Max is a final year Philosophy MA (Hons) student at the University of Edinburgh and the President of the Latin American Forum 2019. Prior to this position he served as the Vice-President for the Edinburgh University Latin American Society and as the Head of Marketing for the 2017 and 2018 edition of the Forum. 

As an international student at the university, Max has developed a strong interest in raising awareness of sustainable development. During his studies, he represented the university as a sustainable development teacher in Bulgaria, contributing to a teaching project jointly organised by the Bulgarian United Nations Youth organisation and AIESEC, was appointed secretary and trustee of the Edinburgh Model United Nations Society over the period 2017-2018 and was selected to take part in the IRCC, a 1-week programme for young professionals aspiring to work for the United Nations.


Since 2018, Max provides digital marketing assistance to Fair Business Alliance, a local business based in Edinburgh which aims to empower cacao growing communities in Ecuador and Brazil Nut communities in the Amazon. He previously worked as an intern in the communications team of Aflatoun International, an NGO based in the Netherlands which provides social and financial education to 5.4 million children worldwide and implements its education programmes through partner organisations in 17 Latin American countries.


By organising the 2019 edition of the Forum, Max intends to raise awareness in the United Kingdom of both the challenges and opportunities of Sustainable Development in the Latin American region.




Florian is a Ph.D. in Management Candidate at the University of Edinburgh Business School and the Vice-President of the Edinburgh Latin American Forum 2019. He was born in Germany and has done his undergraduate degrees in Germany and Australia before he completed his master’s degree in International Business and Emerging Markets at the University of Edinburgh Business School.


Florian also worked and studied in Mexico, Chile and Ecuador where he developed a deep interest in sustainable business opportunities and social entrepreneurship in the Latin American region. As part of the organization committee of the Latin American Forum 2019 he aims to foster the event as a meaningful institution in Edinburgh that promotes sustainable development endeavors not only within, but also with and for Latin America.

Carolina Araujo.jpg



Carolina is currently an Economics and Politics MA (Hons) student at the University of Edinburgh and the secretary of the Edinburgh Latin American Forum 2019. Prior to this position, she served as the President and Head of Logistics of the Forum and as secretary of the Edinburgh University Latin American society. 


After having spent all of her childhood in Ecuador, Carolina undertook an internship in Bristol, was involved in an AIESEC project in Russia as an English teacher and lived for five years in the vibrant heart of Edinburgh. Here she developed a profound interest in international politics and global institutions, such as the United Nations, and takes part in a variety of societies.


She plans to return to Latin America after her studies and apply her cultural experiences and her growing network beyond her home country to create lasting positive links between Ecuador and the rest of the world.


Carolina is eager to ensure that this edition of the Forum engages those students that are unfamiliar with Latin America and encourages them to create and cherish links with the continent in their professional career.


Max Aantjes


Head of Finance

Feiyang is currently an Economics and Politics MA (hons) student at the University of Edinburgh and the Head of Finance of the Latin American Forum 2018 and 2019.


Feiyang was born in China and she lived in Switzerland before joining the University of Edinburgh. Her time in Geneva fostered her great interests in the international institutions, such as the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation and the World Trade Organization. She has worked in the field of finance, research and journalism. The University’s publications also featured multiple pieces of her work, covering topics like international trade and inequalities, reflecting her passion of bridging and incorporating economic and political dimensions when it comes to international affairs.


She wishes to use the Forum’s platform to promote related business communities and to deliver a professionally organised, inclusive and enriched forum presentation. Feiyang is keen on expanding the content of the Forum and connecting like-minded students and professionals to explore the development of Latin America and the role the region plays on a global stage.




Head of Fundraising

Jonathan is an Italian/Dutch 4th year Philosophy and Politics student and is in charge of fundraising for the Forum.


He had the opportunity to spend a year abroad in Santiago de Chile, where he took advantage of a great teaching environment, people and country. He has travelled through almost all the South American continent and is deeply in love with its different cultures, nature, people and current affairs.


He is currently writing his dissertation on Hugo Chávez' foreign policy. By participating in the forum Jonathan wants to stay connected to the continent he left behind, learn more about fundraising and explore professional opportunities in Latin America for after graduation.



Juan Pablo Lobo-Guerrero V. 

Logistics Director

Juan Pablo is currently a 4th year student in Ecological and Environmental Sciences BSc (Hons) at the University of Edinburgh and the Logistics Director of the Latin American Forum 2019.

Following his interest in conservation and tropical ecology, Juan Pablo has taken part in biodiversity monitoring projects in Colombia and Guyana, and in community-based conservation initiatives in Bogotá and the Amazon basin. He aims to pursue a career in ecological research and community outreach that contributes to the sustainable transition of Colombia into the post-war future and advances knowledge of Latin American biodiversity.

Juan Pablo aspires to continue making the Forum a far-reaching academic platform where contemporary issues of Latin America can be discussed. He also hopes that the Forum becomes a point of entry to the region for anyone that might be interested in addressing its challenges


Francisco Alvarez

Francisco Alvarez

Logistics Director

Francisco Alvarez is a third-year International Relations and Quantitative Methods student at the University of Edinbugh. He has been involved in the Forum since the 2018 Edition and is deeply interested in the academic study of the region. He believes that the Forum is an excellent way to raise awareness of the problems and opportunities in this region


Lucas Agustín Reynoso

Marketing Officer

Lucas is an Argentinian 2nd year International Relations student and is in charge of the marketing section for the Forum.

Born in Buenos Aires, world capital of tango, he was an online volunteer for Wikipedia and an on-site volunteer for the Wikimedia chapter in Argentina during his adolescence. It was through these projects that he collaborated with other volunteers from Latin America (and Iberian Europe) to write articles and to adopt a common position within the movement. These discussions and collaborations started to develop in his teenager self a stronger interest in his Latin American identity.

Interested in the all of the Social Sciences, but most especially in politics and anthropology, he is interested in how political, economical and social processes have shaped the region as a whole. As a Latin American, he feels motivated to promote more awareness and engagement with the opportunities and challenges of the region. He decided to join the Forum in 2018 as a hospitality volunteer and this year he is more involved with the Marketing section.



Julio C. Othon

Volunteer Coordinator

Julio is a third year International Relations student at The University of Edinburgh, and the Volunteer Coordinator of the 2019 Edinburgh Latin American Forum.


Born and raised in Brazil, Julio left Law School after two and a half years and moved to Edinburgh in the pursuit of a world-class education and living in a multicultural setting. Having presided the Edinburgh University Latin American Society in 2017-2018, Julio joined the Forum in order to stay connected with his home region, as well as use his experience to engage volunteers in order to help the Forum continue to be a great success.


Julio’s key goal in organising the Forum is to build up a proactive and efficient team responsible for helping the Forum’s Committee through advertising and organisational support to deliver the best event.


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