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Tatiana Espinosa, MSc

Tatiana Espinosa decided to look for new sustainable alternatives to coexist and grow in harmony with nature. So, in 2010 she founded Arbio Peru, a non-profit organization led by women that protects nearly 1000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest at Madre de Dios, Peru and aims to implement forest conservation actions involving civil society and the private sector.


Tatiana is a Forestry Engineer with a Master's Degree in Tropical Forest Management and Conservation at CATIE (Costa Rica) with 15 years of experience Amazon forests management, as well as adaptation to climate change in Peru and Mesoamerica. Through her initiative, it has been possible to protect, research and implement novel restauration techniques to native wildlife, including several 500 year-old trees in danger of illegal logging. Her efforts granted her the The Dr Jane Goodall Hope and Inspiration Ranger Award.

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