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Fair and Sustainable Chocolate from Ecuador

Pacari Chocolate is a fair trade, sustainable, socially responsible, certified organic dark chocolate brand which has won over 200 International Chocolate Awards since 2012. Only in the last version of 2017 Pacari won 17 medals including 3 gold medals as best dark chocolate in the world.

Learn all about the Pacari Chocolate bars that will be presented at the wine reception of the 2018 Latin American Forum.

Made from tree to bar in Ecuador, Pacari produces and packages chocolate where the cacao beans actually grow (unlike 99% of the chocolate available in the UK). This is important, because it allows more wealth to stay in the developing country. The company also supports 3,500 local cacao growing families through direct trade and uses only organically-sourced ingredients to ensure that during the growing process, no harm is done to the people or the planet.

As a result, Pacari has been certified by the “not for profit” B Lab which means it meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability, and aspires to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. This is shown by the B Corp logo on their website.


Picture: Pacari Chocolate


All Pacari chocolates are 60% cacao content or above, 100% organic, only use natural ingredients and are free from dairy, gluten, refined sugars, nuts, palm oil and soy. Perfect not only for vegans but for all health conscious and ethical consumers. Their reputation for being an exclusive high quality organic, ethical brand of chocolates is growing and they now have over 40 different products and gift sets in the UK to choose from.

Not available in supermarkets you can get your hands on their full collection by visiting our online shop.

Pacari products are also gluten free, vegan friendly, soy free, artificial ingredients free and free of refine cane sugar.


Follow Pacari here:

Twitter: @PacariUK


Instagram: PacariUK

About the author:

Juan Andres Santelices is the Managing Director of Fair Business Alliance.

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