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Rafael de Oliveira Silva


Dr Rafael De Oliveira Silva will be contributing to our session "Food Security and Sustainable Consumption" on February 4th. De Oliveira Silva is an applied mathematician working as a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, University of Edinburgh (UoE).


Rafael holds a PhD in Optimization and Operations Research (UoE and SRUC) and a masters’ degree in applied mathematics (University of Campinas). His research focuses on the development of mathematical models for cost analysis of sustainable intensification of agriculture and climate change adaptation in Brazil. He worked for EMBRAPA and SRUC on the development of optimization models for land use change, sustainable intensification of livestock systems and GHG emissions mitigation. He also worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil to provide analysis supporting the calculation of the livestock sector’s contribution to Brazil’s NDC prior to its announcement at COP21..

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