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The Latin American Forum has been organised at the University of Edinburgh since its first edition in 2012. Below is a list of summaries of all different editions. Most summaries are accompanied by links that lead to pages with more detailed information on the speakers and the organising committee of the specific forum. If you have any missing information please contact us

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2012 Video

2012 Forum - 17/05/2012

"Business Opportunities in Latin America: Shifting Perspectives"


The Latin American Forum was inaugurated in 2011, when two committed students at the Univesity of Edinburgh, Diego Centurion and Pablo Prelle, identified the need for a business conference with a focus on the fast-growing Latin American region. After a year of planning, the principal Latin American Forum was held in April 2012 at the University of Edinburgh for an audience of students, professionals and academics. It was an unprecedented event that emphasised the human capital in Latin America and explored the economic reality of the region with an impressive line-up of speakers.


A variety of creative entrepreneurship examples were provided by Alfredo Zolezzi, founder of the Chilean Advanced Innovation Center, and Alfredo Brillembourg co-founder of Urban Think-Tank (involved in the design of the Caracas Metro-cable). The Forum also included views from a wider framework discussed by Yukiko Arai, Senior Specialist for the International Labour Organization, Jose Ramon Perea, Senior Economist at the OECD, and by Fiona Clouder, Director of the Americas for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Notably, the Forum was covered in the newspaper Diario Gestion of 10/05/2012 on page 17 (bottom right corner of picture).


More Information:

Forum 2012

Diario Gestion 10/05/2012. Page 17.

Forum 2013

2013 Forum - 04/04/2013

"Latin America - Europe: Opportunities and Obstacles"


After the success of the 2012 Forum, a newly elected committee decided to transform the Forum into a sustainable project with yearly editions. Accordingly, in April 2013 the second Forum was held with the aim to explore Latin America’s relationship with Europe. Through guest lectures and round-table talks, world-class speakers explored the business, political and social links.


They key objective of the Forum was to promote Latin America as a growing global player and as a land of opportunities for Europeans. The Forum also aimed to encourage Latin America as a potential area of research for students by introducing topical issues and initiating dialogue. Speakers included Michael Reid, the chief Americas editor for The Economist, Alexis Karklins-Marchay, partner and head of emerging markets centre at Ernst & Young and Domigno Cavallo, the Former Minister of Economy for Argentina.


More Information:

2014 Forum - 06/05/2014

"Latin America: A Region of Great Diversity Is Cooperation Key to Development?"


The 2014 University of Edinburgh Latin American Forum hosted some of the region's most recognised business, political and social leaders to address topics that are central to the development of Latin Americas diverse markets. It aimed to explore Latin America's diversity and the potential business and development benefits that can arise from tapping into it. We discussed how multinationals and micro enterprises use this diversity to their advantage, and what challenges they face in doing so.


This forum showed how debates and conferences can render new ideas with speakers from the University of Oxford, Fair Business AllianceTeach First and Fitch Ratings, among others.


More Information:


Forum 2014 Flyer (front)

Forum 2014

Now you have read up on the previous editions of the Forum, found out what this year's edition has in store!

2017 Forum - 15/02/2017

"Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Latin America"


The sixth installment of the Latin American Forum hosted a full day of Panel Sessions, where 12 speakers explored the topic of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Latin America. Over 100 students, professionals, and academic staff attended the Forum to listen to Ambassadors from a variety of Latin American countries and professionals from the World Economic ForumAlliance for Integrity, and Nesta, among others. Throughout the demanding day, attendants enjoyed a complimentary traditional lunch and wine reception. 


After the conference, the Forum was mentioned in a variety of blog posts and articles. The Pictures were taken by Ryan Walsh.


More Information:

Forum 2015
Forum 2016
Forum 2017

2015 Forum - 02/04/2015

"Sustainable Investment and Growth Perspective in Latin America"


The Fourth edition of the Forum was held on Thursday, April 2nd at the University of Edinburgh Business School and was, according to the organizing committee an even more successful Forum than the year before. The purpose of 2015 Forum was to address questions surrounding sustainable business practices in Latin America and spreading awareness about investment and growth perspectives that are emerging, with a special emphasis on assessing the sustainability and nature of this growth. It focused on topics ranging from the empowerment and economic integration of indigenous people to innovation and entrepreneurship in a dynamic and interactive fashion, bringing together over 10 high profile speakers from around the world with different relations to the region.


We welcomed a group of speakers that ranged ministers and ambassadors from Latin America to speakers from the World Bank.


More Information:

2016 Forum - 11/02/2016

"The Role of Institutions in Latin American Development"


The fifth installment of the Latin American Forum invited high-class speakers from around the world, including government officials, business representatives, and academics, to discuss the role of institutions in Latin America’s development. The event featured panel discussions, round table debates, lectures and keynote speeches accompanied by a reception and networking events that covered the topics of governments and markets, security and corruption, the demands of the emerging middle class, technology and innovation and finally education and social development.


Speakers ranged from the Former President of Ecuador to professionals from the Guardian


More Information:



Noor Naqschbandi, Director at Alliance for Integrity, speaking at the 2017 Forum.

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