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Dr. Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Pedro Mendes Loureiro is a lecturer at the Centre of Latin American Studies and the Department of Politics and International Studies (CLAS-POLIS), University of Cambridge. Primarily a political economist, at the heart of his work is a commitment to interdisciplinarity and pluralism, with interest ranging wide across the social sciences. His research encompasses different aspects of the political economy of Latin America, focusing on inequality, economic structural change, and development strategies


His recent work focused on how the strategies of the ‘Pink Tide’ governments – the left-of-centre parties that were in power in Latin America roughly during the 2000s – were capable or not of upgrading the structures of their economies, reducing multidimensional inequality, and launching an inclusive, sustainable process of development.


Recent Publications:

Loureiro, P. M. (2019) Class inequality and capital accumulation in Brazil, 1992–2013. Cambridge Journal of Economics.

Loureiro, P. M. (2019) Social Structure and Distributive Policies Under the PT Governments: A Poverty-Reducing Variety of Neoliberalism. Latin American Perspectives. (Free access blog version)

Loureiro, P. M., & Saad-Filho, A. (2019) The Limits of Pragmatism: The Rise and Fall of the Brazilian Workers’ Party. Latin American Perspectives.

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