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Dr. Meriwether Wilson

Meriwether Wilson is co-founder and co-Director of the Edinburgh Ocean Leaders
. She is also a member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, a Co-
Lead on an EU Consortium Grant – Operationalizing Ecosystem Services and is a
Contributing Author on European coastal and marine ecosystems for the IPCC Fifth
Assessment Report

She is a Lecturer in Marine Science and Policy at the University of Edinburgh focusing on the
science-policy-society intersections of transboundary marine ecosystems and services, in
particular international waters. Her current research explores emerging challenges in
coastal-marine governance and marine ecology regarding infrastructure establishments in
nearshore and offshore marine areas. This research builds upon two decades of experience
with international organizations (World Bank, UNESCO, UNDP, IUCN, NOAA)
on establishing
marine protected areas globally across diverse ecological scales, cultures and economies.



Wilson, A. M. W., Mugerauer, R., & Klinger, T. (2015). Rethinking marine infrastructure policy and practice: Insights from three large-scale marina developments in Seattle. Marine Policy, 53, 67-82.

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