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Luis Francisco Álvarez, MBA

Luis Francisco Álvarez is an Architect graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. In parallel to his activity in Architecture, he has also developed higher studies in Specialization in Management of Construction Companies at the University Escuela de Administración de Negocios (EAN) of Bogotá Colombia, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Universidad del Rosario from the same city, where he has also been lecturer in different Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.


His professional experience in the practice of Architecture has been developed in the fields of design, planning, construction and general project management. He is currently Director of Infrastructure of the Banco de la República (Central Bank of Colombia) where he leads an important team of professionals from different disciplines in charge of the architectural and engineering projects and works required for this institution to develop its central banking activities and cultural management, whose activity has consolidated it as one of the most important cultural promoters of its country. This diversity of activities has implied an interesting challenge for Architect Álvarez and his team, in the integral development of corporate, industrial, treasury and cultural projects, which are carried out throughout the entire Colombian territory. In this process, he has been leading projects designed and built under the philosophy of sustainable architecture, whose principles are applied in each case in particular according to the climatic, geographical, landscape and cultural conditions of the different regions of his country, Colombia, where these have had important impacts on the quality of life of the populations and on the generation of a culture of environmental protection, in addition to their consolidation as benchmarks of good practices in environmental matters. 



M. N. Malaver Rojas, H. A. Rivera Rodriguez, L. F. Alvarez Corredor (2010) Network Science, Connectivity and Society (La Ciencia De Las Redes, la Conectividad y la Sociedad). Semestre Económico, volumen 13, N° 26, pp. 149-157. (English abstract only, full text available in Spanish)

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