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Dr. Julia Calvert

Julia Calvert is a Lecturer in Political Economy and the Director of Postgraduate Studies in Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. Her research examines the impact of international investment law and investment contracts on policy space in Latin American countries. Her work seeks to better understand the conditions under which international investment agreements and investment contracts constrain the ability of state agencies to introduce new regulations that promote equality and sustainable development.

Recent Publications:

Calvert, J. (2018) Constructing investor rights? Why some states (fail to) terminate bilateral investment treaties. Review of International Political Economy 25 (1): 75 - 97.

Calvert, J. (2018) Civil Society and Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Assessing the Social Dimensions of Investment Disputes in Latin America. New Political Economy 23 (1): 46 - 65. 

Relevant information:

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