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Dr Inty Grønneberg

Inty Grønneberg is founder and CEO of Ichthion Limited, an entrepreneurship which develops turbines capable of extracting plastics from bodies of water, thus preventing them to end up in the oceans. This earned him the recognition as Latin America’s inventor of the year 2018 by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review, and the same year, he was honoured with one of the highest distinctions granted by the Government of Ecuador. 


Dr. Grønneberg notes that a lack of infrastructure in developing economies is a particular issue as “these economies don’t yet have good recycling systems or good waste management systems.” He adds that “it will take many years to close this gap, which is why we decided to develop technology to stop the flow of plastic.” He continuously shares his ideas in TED talks, the recent COP25 and as an Ambassador for the environment and bio-economy, Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment.


Relevant Information:

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