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Ines Yábar

Inés Yábar, a Peruvian sustainability activist, started getting involved in solutions for plastic pollution at a very young age, believing she had to be an administrator to this planet earth. Before she finished school she was already working with L.O.O.P. as a volunteer: doing beach cleanups, delivering speeches and raising awareness. Although a lot has been done between then and now, Inés knows there is more to do. Plastic can be subtle and hard to stop once it gets into the ocean. This is why Inés is most interested in working on getting the word out, sharing solutions and stopping the problem at its source. People of all ages are raising their voices today and this should bring about change. 


As a young sustainability journalist Inés tried just that: to make people’s voices heard so that others were encouraged to act. More recently, Inés was part of the Peruvian delegation to the COP25 in Madrid. This was an opportunity to understand the complexities of decision making and be better informed for further field work. During all this time, she believes "It's not because we cannot do everything that we should do nothing. We should always do something, anything".

Relevant Information:

HAZla por tu playa website (Only available in Spanish)

L.O.O.P. website (Only available in Spanish)

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