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The 2015

University of Edinburgh

Latin American Business Forum

The 2015 University of Edinburgh Latin American Business Forum

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Gonzalo Botas promoting the 2015 Forum as the Chair of Marketing and Communications

2015 Forum - 02/04/2015

"Sustainable Investment and Growth Perspective in Latin America"


The Fourth edition of the Forum was held on Thursday, April 2nd at the University of Edinburgh Business School and was according to the organising committee an even more successful Forum than the year before. The purpose of 2015 Forum was to address questions surrounding sustainable business practices in Latin America and spreading awareness about investment and growth perspectives that are emerging, with a special emphasis on assessing the sustainability and nature of this growth. It focused on topics ranging from the empowerment and economic integration of indigenous people to innovation and entrepreneurship in a dynamic and interactive fashion, bringing together over 10 high profile speakers from around the world with different relations to the region.


We welcomed a group of speakers that ranged ministers and ambassadors from Latin America to speakers from the World Bank.

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The 2015 


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