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Dr. Eduardo Pinos Vélez

Eduardo Pinos Vélez is interested on the impact of technical aids for people with disabilities as well as for those who are in a situation of poverty and vulnerability through supporting technologies for educational inclusion. His research focuses particularly on Biomedical and Mechatronic engineering to enhance the education experience for disabled children.

By developing innovative technologies on the Artificial Intelligence and Assistive Technologies Research Group (GI-IATA), Dr Pinos seeks to minimise inequality in the distribution of wealth and injustice in Ecuador as this allows Ecuadorian children with disabilities to access educational systems. He is currently the Programme Director of Electronic Engineering and UNESCO Chair on Assistive Technology for Inclusive Education at the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Relevant information:

Google Scholar profile

IEEE Xplore profile

GI-IATA website

UNESCO Chair - Assistive Technology for Inclusive Education (Only available in Spanish)

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