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Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez Paredes is a biologist from Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia, and holds a joint master degree in tropical forestry and management from Dresden Technical University in Germany and in agricultural development from Copenhagen University in Denmark. She has research experience in ecology and regeneration of native forests in Colombia and Ecuador. Her nine years of work experience have focused on forest and climate change. She has worked in ecological restoration while at an NGO in Colombia; forest and climate change while at the FAO in Rome, and the World Bank in Washington DC, sustainable forest management at the World Bank and in land use for South Pole.


For three years working at the World Bank, she supported the Rural Development and Agriculture Unit and the Natural Resources and Environment Unit in the design, implementation and supervision of projects in sustainable forest management and forest conservation with local communities in Mexico, Panama, Argentina and Chile, and in land tenure in Colombia and Honduras. While at the World Bank, she also supported the design of REDD+ projects participating in the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and El Salvador.


In March 2015, she joined South Pole as a forest, agriculture and climate change specialist supporting the Sustainable Supply Chain group and the Climate Policy and Climate Pricing group managing projects related to forestry, agriculture and land-use change involving both private and public stakeholders. Currently Diana is doing a master degree in Agricultural Economics at Reading University in UK.

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