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The Agenda, Speakers and Venue


We would like to invite current postgraduate research (PhD/MPhil) students and academics to participate in the second “Research Initiative Award”, awarded on behalf of the Center for Contemporary Latin American Studies of the University of Edinburgh.


The Research Initiative Award aims to promote knowledge generation and sustainable development in Latin America. It invites participants to showcase their research through a poster exhibition (attended by over 100 students, academics and professionals) and awards the most impressive poster and research with a £100 award. Participants are requested to submit an A1 size poster of their research related to the Latin American region. 


The poster exhibition is held at the Edinburgh Latin American Forum held at the University of Edinburgh from 4-5 February 2019. 





The poster should cover the following topics:


  • Research question

  • Research gap and contribution

  • Research approach/methodology

  • Research impact (academic, societal or conceptual)


A poster template is available here (the pdf is editable in Adobe Illustrator). However, candidates are permitted to use a poster template of their choice.




The winner is selected according to the following criteria. The ideal poster: 


  • covers complex topics accurately;

  • is understandable for a general non-expert audience;

  • is concise;

  • has a multidisciplinary appeal;

  • makes appropriate use of supplementary material such as diagrams, quotes, figures or media.  





Please send your submission to and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Posters must be submitted digitally by the 25th of January 2018 and will have to be printed and delivered at the Forum by the participant. 

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